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Acoustic Docking task

Successful completion of the Acoustic Docking task will demonstrate the ability to detect an underwater acoustic signal,localize to the source, and maneuver into and out of a defined area. The vehicle executes a sequence of docking and undocking maneuvers based on which beacon is active. Each docking bay is fitted with an acoustic beacon, only one of which will be active during a run. To execute the docking maneuver, the vehicle identifies the location of the active beacon and enters the bay corresponding to the active signal. The vehicle then exits the bay. Each docking bay will be marked with a symbol. Docking Bay 1 will be marked with a circle, Docking Bay 2 will be marked with a cruciform, and Docking Bay 3 will be marked by a triangle. The symbol corresponding to the docking bay with the acoustic beacon may be used for decision making on other tasks, therefore the ASV should log the information for future use.